The above cock-and-bull story is the opening paragraph of my 1997 book, “Lamarck’s Due, Darwin’s Luck”. Most of the following essays are adapted material from that book. The essays can be accessed by clicking on the titles.

La Marque de Lamarck – A brief sketch of the life and ideas of the great French evolutionist

Darwin’s Dark Side – An alternative view of the most famous evolutionist of all time

Haeckel’s Heckling – The radical views and unfounded reputation of the German ‘Darwin’

Butler’s Battle – The story of the antagonism between Darwin and the leading 19th century evolutionary dissident

The Origin of Genes – An Evolution for Evolution Theory – The 1993 essay that marked my evolution from sceptic (about neo-Darwinism) to dissident

Learning from past Experience – A Fairy Story for Scientists – An allegorical look at the history of evolution theory, written in 2001

Book Review – A review of “Evolution in Four Dimensions” by Eva Jablonka and Marion J. Lamb, written in 2005

Aquatic Ape Theory – A Lamarckian view of the repercussions of Elaine Morgan’s famous hypothesis

Darwin’s Influences – A look at some of Darwin’s predecessors, with quotations from their writings, written in 2009

Darwin’s Guilty Secret – The evidence that Darwin knew about Patrick Matthew and lied about it, written in 2009

The Origins of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Evolutionary Characters – The transcript of a talk I gave for Elizabeth Gaskell’s bi-centenary in 2010

Book Review – A review of “The Darwin Conspiracy” by Roy Davies

Hopeful Monsters, Midwich Cuckoos and Ugly Ducklings – An anthropocentric look at a possible method of species transition

Lamarckian Inheritance From Epigenetics – The history of changes in evolutionary thought, right up to the modern science of Epigenetics

A Carbon Atom’s Plea – A partial summary of my most recent book, “The Memoirs of a Carbon Atom.”

Natural Selection – My explanation of how Natural Selection combines with Lamarckian Inheritance to produce Evolution

Six of the Best – Of Darwin’s Lies – Six of the most telling lies told by Darwin in correspondence, written in 2021